A better way to plan things with your friends

Potluck is the simplest way to plan trips, events, parties, dinners, and more with your friends. Invite your group, divide up a few tasks, and organize something fun together.
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Hey PH community, We're super excited to share Potluck with you! We created Potluck because we wanted a better way to plan things with our friends and family. We tried everything -- project management tools overwhelmed us with features we didn't need, simple to-do lists weren't collaborative enough, and endless email and text threads left everyone annoyed and confused. So, we set out to build something simple and refreshing. We’d love for you to try it out and get your feedback! The team will be around today to answer your questions! @ryangraves @thatericsmith @pantuflacuantic Thanks, Carl
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Thanks @iiiitsandrea!! So glad you like it! Let us know if you have any feedback as you use it.
@ryangraves @thatericsmith @pantuflacuantic @carl_arnold so it is a group todo list? needs more like the ability to vote on things, places and times. Those are the killer features.
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@sirmoxie Great idea! Agree that deciding on things via a vote would be great to have
Perfect timing. We have a @jimmydouglas' bachelor party to plan later this year.
Awesome idea! Does this handled splitting payments as well?
Thanks @guzapalooza! Currently it doesn't, but it's something we're thinking about. We want to make sure we're balancing adding useful features with simplicity/ease of use. We'll keep you posted on that though!
What a great idea! This would be genius for office managers/ internal party planners of workplaces that rely on collaboration.
Thanks @morgan_johnson! Absolutely - company offsites, team dinners, and office holiday parties are all great social + work use cases.
Huge fan of this product. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s refreshingly simple. Feel like other tools are getting more complicated (trello, etc) but this does exactly what it says it will. Two pieces of feedback: - would be nice to have a status indicator (besides just adding a comment) - would be useful to thread tasks by category (I.e. lodging folder, food folder, etc) with sub tasks
Thanks @michael_aft! Completely agree on other tools becoming too bloated over time. Status indicator - Good suggestion. We'll definitely consider something like this. Tasks by category - Have you tried using headers for this? Click on the options menu beside a task and select "Change to Header".