Animated SVG icons for web projects. You can customize the icon for your project like colors, stroke, and size.
1. Select the icon.
2. Download the html file.
3. Copy and Paste the code into your project.
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Hey Suresh, really nice job! And love the icons on the website! Just a couple of suggestions, if you don't mind: For a user landing on your page from outside ProductHunt, it might be slightly difficult to comprehend how the system works, and if there are any other icons that he/she might be expecting on the page. Although it looks pretty easy to us, everyone may not think along the same lines, right? I think it would be great if you could introduce few lines about your project, and a quick guide to the process. After all, words build connections with the audience; so they'll find it more engrossing to know about it all. Additionally, I think your profile deserves more than just a Linkedin link on the website. Thanks!
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@design_studio Thanks for your valuable feedback. We will update in next update
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Very nice.


- clean design - free


- little selection

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My congratulations with the launching! Also, I love your SVG icons! So great that I can customize all of them! I will be happy to have Potlab Icons in Awesome Design Tools:
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@valiahavruliyk thank you so much
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Very cool but…why is your thumbnail not animated!?
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@elijahmurray thanks. Good question. It's a short time project and I'm the only person for these to make it so don't have time to animate it. I will update the thumbnail.
Steps to get the Icons 1. Select the icon. 2. Download the html file. 3. Copy and Paste the code into your project.
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@suresh_designer Congratulations on the launch. Are they free for commercial use?
@sam1984s free only. You can use it for your projects.
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@suresh_designer wow. Thank you so much. Can i know how to easiely customise if you are not a designer. Thanks.
@sam1984s Our next update will be that kind of things only.
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@suresh_designer Mass ah irukku icons! Congrats on being on top of Product Hunt for the day!
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