Banking for the marijuana industry

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Nothing makes me think "this is a sound financial investment" more than the endorsement by such a leader as Dennis Rodman.
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@parkerwoodward I think he alludes to backing from North Korea? Venture capital's finest! πŸ™„
Not really seeing how this distinguishes itself from any other crypto, outside of its target market. What's stopping another crypto from going after the marijuana industry? What does Potcoin have that other cryptos don't?
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@chris_crompton1 what's stopping them? Only the greatest NBA defender of all time
"I'm back! Thanks to my sponsor PotCoin.com" – Dennis Rodman https://twitter.com/dennisrodman... Also on the PotCoin Homepage:
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I mean, if it's good enough for Dennis Rodman...
@chrismessina this is the weirdest, greatest sponsorship in the history of weird, great sponsorship
@chrismessina Sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea: the Foolproof method for getting PR coverage, no matter how not-news-worthy you are as a company.
Yay, another cryptocurrency no one will use! πŸ™„ I too don't see how this is different than any other crypto currency other than its name. Even in the marijuana industry, they aren't the first in that space. Tokken is another one that comes to mind.