A premium marijuana subscription club (SF & LA only)

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I haven't smoked in 10+ years but this looks so classy that I'd probably get it for my mom.
@carlo2nd That's awesome! One of our big goals is for non-smokers to feel comfortable with the product, so that's great to hear.
@austinheap context: it's her birthday today. Not sure if she smokes but I have my suspicions. (ILY mom, sorry if I'm blowin up your spot)
Hi Product Hunt, I'm Austin, one of the co-founders of Potbox. We're launching today and we're eager to share with you what we've been working on. My co-founders Ian and Evrett are also standing by and we'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Thanks! 🍻
@austinheap Austin, We'd love to have you on RocketClub!
@austinheap how about some exclusive art for pb? I create hip art for the next gen. Check it out at erosner.com
Another budding marijuana startup! (sorry for the cheesy pun) @austinheap - the packaging looks amazing. I don't see the price on the site without signing up, which is kind of frustrating. How much does it cost and I'm curious if you can also share your margins. 😊
@rrhoover That’s a good point about the price, we’re getting that feedback from other folks as well and will figure out a good place to put it on the site. As far as the margins go, we can’t share that information at the moment but I can tell you that our current profit margins give us enough runway to be able to hire enough people to open 5 cities and not have to take any funding. 😊
@austinheap @rrhoover Yeah this was my biggest issue, aside from the blatant misspelling of sativa on the home page. Also, I had to fork over my email address just to find out that you don't deliver to San Jose. You should specify that you're only in San Francisco (city). Do you not deliver to LA suburbs - only the city of Los Angeles? If people in the Valley or Hermosa Beach are able to get PotBox, it's probably ridiculous not to scale to the entire Bay Area. (or at least major areas)
It's like a Maker's Mark bottle for your jay. So classy it hurts
@kristofertm Ha, thanks :-D
not a fan of the name, however, looks like a premium product