Potato Pirates

Learn programming in 30 minutes through a Potato card game

Potato Pirates is a strategic tabletop card game perfect for classrooms, family time, and game night with friends. It teaches anyone ages 6 and up, over 10 hours worth of programming concepts in 30 minutes, all without a computer.

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should be interesting
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very funny.
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@bretthetcher Yes, it is.
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Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
This looks interesting @adityabatura, what’s the story behind the product?
@adityabatura @amrith Potato Pirates is a tabletop card game which covers 10 hours of programming concepts in 30 minutes - without any computers. With Potato Pirates we're making coding: - Accessible to everyone (even without computers), regardless of age or langauge - Fun to learn - a social activity on family night or a party game with friends (an educational party game) - something you can learn without actually learning (gamification) The game has been translated into 22 languages already and the list is growing!
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Lee Qixian
Full-stack Developer
I played it before in a workshop. Pretty fun and simple enough for all ages to learn basic logic and coding.
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Adam WhalenTechnical Support, SEVL-SCFP-2815

TL'DR: its awesome! GET IT!

LONG VERSION: I backed Potato Pirates in the first few days of their kickstarter. Soon after the kickstarter closed I got confirmation that my package was on its way.

Shipping was quick. The quality of the cards is spot on. The little potato pirates are fuzzy lil fluff balls that may stick together; but we found it added to the charm. The game rules are straight forward and presented in such a way that my 6 year old, in grade one, was able to read them outloud and understand. He also proceeded to kick our butts!

My kids are 10 and 6 and both loved the game. They created complex loops and if/else statements to maximize their attacks in game. Later, their faces lit up when we explained that this is how computer programming works! We showed them python and scratch programming and they took to it like ducks to water!

The game in and of itself is a riot; but it delivers on its promise: you will learn basic concepts of programming in about 30 minutes. Concepts you can immediately apply to real world programming.

Potato Pirates is a brilliant gift tgat is ideal for those geeky families like ours ^_^ 11/10 I'm gonna order more to give as gifts to friends and family!


Quick, easy, fun, educational, 11/10 ^_^



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Jia Xuan Lim
Co-creator of Potato Pirates
Hi Adam, Thanks for the review! Your support is very much appreciated! We are very happy that you had a great time with your children and that they are slowly learning the programming languages. With respect to your comments in our survey previously, we do have plans to create online aspects of our game to further learning but right now we are still figuring out how to integrate that by still maintaining the offline and social aspect of the game :)
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