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Posy lets you get instant style feedback with a snap of a photo. AOL Style & Tech News said that Posy “is just as valuable to the everyday girl on the path to shaping her own personal style as it is to the established fashion blogger.” Here are some more cool features: - A badge system for making the app more fun and engaging - Virality features, so your Posy poses can spread across the world! - Infrastructure updates to make the app even faster and more responsive
Thank you Nikki for the feature! @nikkielizdemere Hi everyone, I'm the founder of Posy. The idea of this app came about when I pregnant with my first child. I wanted to seek style advice without feeling like I was pestering my family and friends. Its intent is to make sharing style advice quick, easy and fun in a friendly and supportive environment. Any comment and feedback will be appreciated! :)
Congrats @stylebyalina. Does it work for men too? =)
@stevepyoung Yes, absolutely. It works for anyone who's interested in seeking quick style advice from the fashion community either for themselves or someone in their lives. We've seen male posting from outfits to gift ideas for their significant others. One male user recently sought feedback on a diamond ring he picked out for his girlfriend. :)
Love this idea! How long does it normally take to get a response? Can I use while picking my clothes for the day or should I plan ahead?
@daniel_vasquez Thank you, Daniel! It's usually very fast that you'll get responses. If you already have an outfit picked out, I'd recommend posting it early so you can gather as much feedback as possible. :)
jaw dropping Idea