Posture Laptop Stand

Portable laptop stand from home, office and hotdesk.


The Posture Laptop Stand is designed specifically for hotdeskers - those of us who need some neck re-alignment while we work, but have to pack up and run at the end of the day! Posture is super lightweight and portable.

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Sundar Rajagopalan
David Wen
  • Pros: 

    The fact that its easy to dis assemble and carry around with you


    this thing is slippery, height is not adjustable and the sharp "stand" p

    plastic stick scratches my desk

    Ultimately, I'm disappointed in the product.

    Not being adjustable is the biggest negative; I'd have better luck with a stack of old books. Users should know they are paying ~39 dollars for three plastic sticks.

    Sundar Rajagopalan has used this product for one week.