Posture Laptop Stand

Portable laptop stand from home, office and hotdesk.

The Posture Laptop Stand is designed specifically for hotdeskers - those of us who need some neck re-alignment while we work, but have to pack up and run at the end of the day! Posture is super lightweight and portable.

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Hey guys! Maker here. I designed Posture when I was suffering from back, neck and chest pain late last year. The alternatives were all either too expensive, too bulky to too low for my needs. Would love to answer any questions!
@aidanbreen Really love the design and simplicity... but how is this not still too low? Do not see how this elevates laptop screen enough to come at eye level. About half the price of the better alternative, yet when it comes to ergonomics, anything under 100 bucks is totally worth it.
@ipears Hi Jan! Thanks for the feedback. I suppose it depends on two things: 1. The size of your laptop (wider laptops with bigger screens will be raised higher). 2. How tall you are, and the length of your back. For me, the top of the laptop screen is a hair below eye level. It's not ideal, but there was a balance to find between a sturdy, portable stand, and the effectiveness of the elevation of the screen. I can't say scientifically if the height is perfect, but I can say that I prototyped and tested it for months to be sure it was effective.
@aidanbreen Sounds fair, compared no raise, it will yield a big improvement. Again, really like the design and hope you get some good sales!
@ipears Thanks Jan. I shipped the first one a few hours ago. It was a really sweet milestone to cross.
PS for the comment readers: there's an additional €5 discount if you use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout!
Neat. I'll bite. My neck is ruined and I've been looking for something like this to use with my laptop when I'm mobile.
@blake Woo! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed designing and building it!
Looks great and very reasonably priced. Do you ship worldwide?
@ky1e_s Hey Kyle! Yeah, we ship worldwide, for free!
Amazing job on the product and website @aidanbreen. The whole experience looks so simple and elegant.