Be mindful and prevent texting related hunchback posture.

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Hello Hunters! I created Posture for people who want to be mindful about preventing "text-neck" and bad technology posture. Science tells us that we look at our phones an average of 85 times daily. But the way we hold our phones can be like strapping 4 medium sized bowling balls to your head and staring at your phone for two hours (~45-60lbs) Over time, this much strain can cause our bodies to hunch over and develop painful forward head posture. This is a serious issue especially as we live longer and longer! This app watches out for bad cellphone holding habits and reminds you to bring your phone to eye-level if your holding your phone in a straining position for too long!
Wow 100 Upvotes, Thank you all so much for your feedback, comments and PH love !
@robertsimoes I'm a happy user. Thanks. If I may suggest something, you could still think about the copy. I mean the button texts, and dialogs etc. Also if the size of the notification could be changed by the user... but it's a great product nonetheless :)
@omidfi Hi Omid! Thank you for the feedback really happy to hear it:) Really sorry if the button text has caused any confusion !! If you are open to it, I'd definitely love to hear you elaborate on your thoughts about the dialog and button text, what you'd prefer to see. If your into it shoot me a an e-mail OR you can send any other thought through the app !
Thought about this issue for awhile. Never thought there would be an app for it! This is pretty cool!
@bryansarnold Thanks Bryan :) This is actually the exact article that stimulated my idea: , that and seeing how younger and younger people are developing extreme upperback slouching in their mid-20's 30's.
@robertsimoes appreciate the share Robert! That's how ideas are formed! Hope the app catches on!
@rameshdot0 awesome, I'll check it out!
Tried and tested! This thing's the best background app you could have!
Desktop version would be great, as we all spend so much time with our laptops
@nomadiceli Great Idea! When it comes to desktops/laptops though, I think one of the BEST investments you can ever make for yourself (and neck) is an ergonomic stand that raises it up to somewhere near eye level. (ex. Tiny Tower Here on PH! Generally when we sit at our desktops and laptops, the first point of break down is lower back slouching which breaks the upper back, which finally breaks the neck and causes significant hunch over laptop as the day progresses. I haven't used it myself, but I think Lumo Lift is doing some sweet stuff with wearbles and sitting posture ( Another quick hack if you want to stimulate good sitting posture is to slide your butt way back in the chair and push your knees out to the sides of the chair, this makes it easier to bring your chest comfortably while you work which puts your neck, hips and upper back into nice alignment. Annotated Picture if it helps :)
@robertsimoes great info, thanks!
@robertsimoes how ladylike! 😛
@librarianlister Hahaha! Well, ideally someone could assume something like a half/full-lotus pose, but most aren't flexible enough for this position to be comfortable
I wish there was an ability to have something like this on iOS, I have been waiting for years! Hopefully this will be able to happen sooner than later.