Headspace for posture 🧘🏼‍♀️🕺🏼

Tell the app why you want to improve your posture (back pain, be taller, etc.) and it customizes a 7-day track for you consisting of short stretches you can do at your desk or at home.
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Really great idea and it can become a niche targeting in health sector app.
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@rahul_kandoriya1 thank you so much! Please let me know how you like it and send feedback to =)
Hey all! Thank you for checking us out! We made Postura because we found ourselves slouching and getting back pain over time from working at our office jobs. The app combines deep stretching, spinal therapy, and foam rolling to teach you how to improve your posture via short (~5 min) videos. The video courses are designed so they can be done either at home or at work, with minimal space and equipment. The content is based off deep expertise from yoga gurus, PTs, and elite trainers. Please give it a download and let me know what you think at!
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I really like the idea and I think it can be really effective if users build a habit of doing the exercises/corrections.
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I learned a lot from the knowledge page. The videos are super informative and well equiped with diagrams and demonstrations.


Simple, yet descriptive videos that go through easy exercises. Asethetically pleasing UI. Helpful daily reminder for the first 7 day track.



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