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Greg Gilbert
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
Another great product by @PoeHaH If you produce quality written content for the web, this might interest you. @PoeHaH what's the story behind this service?
Maarten Belmans
Maarten BelmansMaker@poehah · Made Table2Site
Thank you so much for hunting us @gregoiregilbert. We're a couple about to leave our everyday lives behind and move to Australia. PostScripting is a way for us to gather an income from wherever we are in the world. @miene is a fantastic word smith with a Master's in English and she'll be happy to assist anyone with their text needs.
Erik van Mechelen
Erik van Mechelen@decision_ · Essayist and fiction writer
Congratulations on the business! Added to my Writing collection: Thanks!
Maarten Belmans
Maarten BelmansMaker@poehah · Made Table2Site
Thanks for your support, @decision_ .
ben Watanabe
ben WatanabeHiring@benwtnb · 96 Problems
@decision_ Bookmarked your collection! Looks great 👍
Christopher Hawkins
Christopher Hawkins@chris_hawk · Creator, Chasing Product
@poehah - I sure wish you'd had this service available when I was writing my book! Editing and proofreading that is both affordable and reliable doesn't seem like it should be hard to come by, but it is. I'm very happy to see you offering this service, in this form. I see that you offer HTML/Markdown formatting. For book manuscripts, do you have any plans to go the extra step and also offer Kindle/iBook conversions? Or is that too far outside your focus of helping to improve the content itself?
Maarten Belmans
Maarten BelmansMaker@poehah · Made Table2Site
@chris_hawk thanks for your kind words, really means a lot to us. It crossed my mind to offer it as well but I really don't know much about the subject, so I'll have to research first:)