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Postrope is a social marketplace introducing an easy way to buy things you can’t get from where you are. When the stores won’t ship it to you. Get it shipped by the community. How often do you find that perfect item online, add it to your cart and by the time you get to shipping details you realise that the store doesn’t offer international shipping? And then you go and find that same item in your own country, but the local store is more expensive than the international store? Or even more frustrating, that item isn’t available in your home country at all. With PostRope, you can put out a request, or ‘Rope’, to the PostRope Community to help you source the item you require from anywhere in the world, either from an online or physical store. You then select the best offer and have it shipped to your door. PostRope is open for anyone around the world, you can use PostRope as long as you have a valid Paypal account.
Good luck @vamsung. It's good to see some products from Melbourne in here
Which countries did you have in mind when coming up with this?
@rueter At the first, it was mainly Australia and the US, when we started working on PostRope in December 2012 after going through first-hand pain of not able to buy something from the US, and then exchanging stories with many about not being able to buy things from stores overseas. We realized there was a problem here that we could address. We developed the idea, built the site, and starting engaging a community of people who share the same frustration. We now have an active community spread across 58 countries.
@vamsung nice. Which products, in particular? I'm just trying to understand the scale.
@rueter That's the exciting part - it's so broad, unlike an online store we have users listing items they want that range from tech gadgets, fashion, auto parts, cosmetics literally anything that can be shipped. Any expectations we had were blown out of water.
@rueter @vamsung We've deliberately built the site as marketplace that is agnostic to what people want or where they are. We've been pleasantly surprised a number of times by the kinds of things people list and obtain via PostRope. The key thing for us is to build the marketplace and let the community use it as they like.
You can see the diverse range of items just on homepage at the moment.