Postpone Pixel

Send a photo to yourself or a friend in the future

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Greetings product hunters! For the last year we at Bear & Fox have been experimenting with apps and the emotions associated with them. With our latest product, Postpone Pixel, we are targeting nostalgia and accomplishment; pictures command a powerful emotional response when associated with a good time, and nothing motivates us like witnessing progress. The feeling of reliving moments like group photos with loved ones, being out with friends having a good time, watching our children grow, or seeing ourselves get stronger and meeting goals is priceless. We want to capture those sensations, revisit the moment, and feel the powerful emotions. The use cases for Postpone Pixel are endless and we at want to know what creative possibilities you, the product hunt community, come up with. We are open to all types of feedback and are here to answer any of your questions. Make a moment worth saving for the future, and have fun out there! Much love from us at Bear & Fox
Bear & Fox present Postpone Pixel: transport your memories to the future, track your progress and relive today in tomorrow