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🚀Plan, publish and manage posts and messages on social networks and messaging apps! 8 free accounts with unlimited number of posts -
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Hello everyone! My name is Alex. I am the founder and project manager of Postoplan, and I want to tell you our story. Sorry if it’s too long. To put it simply: POSTOPLAN is a service for scheduled posting on social networks. But this is only at first glance. In fact, this is much more than just scheduling posts. Unfortunately, we have not everything that we have planned is up and running, but we are systematically upgrading our product. So, how does it differ from other similar services? 🎠 1. 👑 Full, unconditional, free basic functionality. There are some limitations, but if you want to use it for free or test how it works, sign up and start using it in 1 click. This is not a trial version for 30 days. You can manage your social networks on an ongoing basis. Especially if you have a business with 2-3 accounts on social networks, you may not even remember that there are premium options available. 2. 📱 Our service supports Telegram. We are also planning to add a few more messaging apps in the near future. 3. 📅 There is pre-prepared content that you can use to quickly create posts for your subscribers. Just in 1 click. 4. 🔃 There is recurrent posting — this is when, for instance, you have a promotion on Fridays. You make one post and forget about it. And it will still be published weekly each Friday. 5. 💰 Refund — upon request. Hassle-free and for any reason at all. If you ask for a refund, that means we haven’t provided you with the quality you expect, or you are just tired of using our service. Of course, in order to improve the service, we will ask you why, but only to become better and not to find some loophole to deny your refund. Unconditional refunds for all. I promise. 6. 👍 The system still has many useful and cool functions. You can read about all of it on the site in a more beautiful format. And speaking of beauty, guys, we have made interface themes! This makes the process of working with the service much more enjoyable. I especially recommend that you try dark themes. These are my personal favorites. 7. 🏋 We are still a small team, but I promise, as soon as possible, we will have the best customer support on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you have a free or PRO account — you will get all the help you need as quickly and professionally as possible. We are working on it right now. We’ve set out our goals for the project for the next 3 months on this Trello board, if anyone would be interested — I think that’s all😊 I want to express my gratitude to our small team: Elizabeth is a wonderful person and a beautiful girl; she can be entrusted with any task, and she will undoubtedly handle it. Vlad is the person who systematized the development process and generally brought it to a human form. Serge is a person who seems to have at least 8 hands in order to make everything happen on time. Julia takes care of users every day and solves every issue. Please don’t judge us too harshly! We are all a bit on-edge but ready to accept any comments or criticism in order to get better. ❤️
@alexbozhin Thanks for such kind words! That’s really pleasant to hear 😊
@elizabethru Glad to work together! :-)
The price, copywriting and the huge amount of enthusiastic reviews (all without mentioning any downsides) makes it hard for me to trust this product.
@tafkaf And what is wrong with the price?
@tafkaf You're absolutely right. The reviews here have been paid for.
@translation_agency it seems obvious, but out of interest: How do you prove that?
Interesting. I'll follow this project.
@csaba_kissi Thanks for your support! Luck is what we need! ;-)
Free? Really? Woow
@ann_thompson1 Yes! Glad you love it. Thanks, Ann Thompson!
What a great app! Nowadays, we have all these different social networks and so little time to manage them. Sometimes, I find it difficult to make a post, with the help of postoplan that shows on it`s calendar different occasions, I can easily come up with interesting post. Plus I can schedule my post to be posted, which is great!
@nazima_sulaimanova We'll do our best! I'm glad you liked it!