PostMuse helps you post professional-looking posts to Instagram more often. Find your inspiration by browsing through templates, edit them and make them your own. There are plenty of fonts to choose from, images backed by Unsplash and emojis. We also do our best to suggest colors to use, starting from your image. Be gentle, this is our beginning πŸš€

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11 Reviews5.0/5

It's a useful design tool for mobile.


Easy to create new Instagram posts


It's at the beginning, it needs more templates

Super interesting! Congrats for this awesome product!
@ralu_apostol Thanks! You inspired us to push forward with this, so take some of the credit! πŸš€
Hey, on my iOS 11.4.2 / iPhone SE i get the app from App Store but then its white screen after loading;( Redownloaded and tried again - works now!;)
@masterserge I am sorry to hear that. Is the screen white when you try to share, or is the screen white just as you open it, unable to use it all? We already pushed an update trying to address some issues (build is in review), but would be helpful to know more about your experience.
Great idea guys! Useful tool for instagramers!
@sk_dub We're glad you like it. We hope you're right! 😁
Canva has this feature (among others)
@tahatayyab Thanks for having a look. Yes, we certainly do not pretend we invented design templates πŸ˜‡ and Canva is a really nice product for that. We do, however focus a lot more than others on Instagram and a more casual customer (we're not targeting businesses for now). For example, you can find emojis πŸ™Œ in our app - something you might not find in similar products. A product is rarely a gathering of features. Most of the times a product is a solution for an itch or a problem, and we hope to be that for at least some Instagram users. Thank you again for sharing your perspective!
@tahatayyab Taha, I realise I could have done a better job in my previous reply πŸ˜ƒ - I think your opinion is important, so could you please let us know if you tried the app, and if you did, what, in your opinion, would be a good thing to implement? What do you wish Canva or our app would do but doesn't do? Thanks for thinking about it.