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How does this differ from Shippo or Easypost?
@frankdenbow Postmen focuses more on international shipping, and targets to integrate with 100 carriers and 10 shopping carts by 2016. We got approached by many users / developers from Asia, India, UK, and complain about shipping is difficult. A few other things that makes Postmen different - Users can create multiple shipper accounts under the same carrier (e.g. 4 UPS accounts). - Postmen beta is free, and consider a monthly subscription fee after leaving beta. Enterprise does not like per label fee. - We put our tracking API and webhooks under another product (
@andrew_chan1 @frankdenbow do you intergate with lasership or any of the regional carrier in the US?
@irvani US carriers we have only integrated usps (endicia), fedex, ups. We can add lasership in Q4 - we add couriers for free.
That's an awesome idea ! Been struggling at work to integrate several carriers old school SDKs and we ended up building a RESTful API wrapper to deal with all of them. But the tricky part is not really in the dispatch or tracking, but rather selecting the most efficient and cost saving carrier based on delivery variables: pickup and delivery address, weight, routing, etc. Haven't checked Postmen capability yet, but that's the real game changer. Also, the ability to intelligently group parcels going to the same place and create only one shipment at the end of the business day would be a nice feature.
@rbessuges +infinity... We have the same problems at, we relies on a really stupid heuristic to approximate the best rates. What would also be awesome is a mashup between Postmen and Uline... that would automatically take care of our shipping supplies (auto-resupply, packaging suggestions, etc.) to optimize our cost and time.
@rbessuges thanks for the suggestion on "grouping parcels", we will add more automation on our web application in Q4. Currently we focus on carrier integration and performance. Postmen rates API will return rates with service types, delivery dates and cost details of multiple couriers. Yes - you can find the most efficient / cheapest / fastest shipping method based on customer needs.
@plehoux I also mentioned to Romain that our rates api can allow you to get rates of multiple carriers - it returns with service types, delivery time and costs. Hope this helps.
Shout out to fellow Hong Kong makers!
@nzieber Thanks Nick!
At we're big fan of EasyPost. The value of not dealing with UPS and FedEx APIs is tremendous... but the price they charge is ridiculously low. There business model probably relies on the "insurance" you can buy from them (which we don't need), what would be yours? Same?
@plehoux good question. I believe EasyPost also makes money from selling USPS labels at CPP rates - together with the per label fee, the amount should be handsome. Insurance definitely brings in extra revenue. We may consider that route. Re pricing - I believe larger merchants cannot deal with a per label fee, thus we are considering a monthly fee instead.
The meteoric and competitive rise of Telephony APIs is mimicked by the rise of shipping APIs.
@datarade Yeah definitely. Everyone is doing something different cool and different. and focus on sending physical mail, focus on helping online retailers to print and sell phone cases, tshirt etc Postmen, EasyPost, Shippo focus on parcel shipping and rates calculations for online retailers