Postmates Plus Unlimited

Unlimited FREE deliveries on all Plus orders over $30

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We're excited to launch the first subscription service for Postmates today! Many of us will be here to answer your questions!
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@basti Hey Bastian -- Love postmates. Easter is over and I'm running low on Peeps. Can Postmates help?
@basti Damn! You guys do this right as I move from LA to Santa Barbara! I was probably your biggest customer!
@jshchnz Give us a few months! ;)
@basti Hope to see it launch up here in Portland soon!
@basti this is awesome. But I expect nothing less from you guys. And, once again, kudos for being an upfront and easily accessible CEO and engaging with your customers. Keep up the good work!
This could be very useful for businesses (ours included) and a way for Postmates to lock-in existing customers and compete.
@rrhoover I agree. We will launch a business subscription in a few weeks.
How do I get postmates in my non-super-tech city of Cincinnati? I want to be an advocate.
I can't wait for the business version, it's going to save us a ton of small trips at all of our campuses.
I'm pretty sure I've paid more than $10 for an individual delivery before. This seems like a no brainer! Any cap on order size or anything?
@dhulser There is no cap, just a $30 minimum. Order away.