Postmates Plus Unlimited

Unlimited FREE deliveries on all Plus orders over $30

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Bastian LehmannMaker@basti
We're excited to launch the first subscription service for Postmates today! Many of us will be here to answer your questions!
Dylan Hulser@dhulser · Biz Dev, Ad zerk, Prev: @reddit
@basti Hey Bastian -- Love postmates. Easter is over and I'm running low on Peeps. Can Postmates help?
Josh Cohen@jshchnz · Co-Founder, ThnkDev
@basti Damn! You guys do this right as I move from LA to Santa Barbara! I was probably your biggest customer!
Bastian LehmannMaker@basti
@jshchnz Give us a few months! ;)
Marc Charbonneau@mbcharbonneau · Indie App Developer
@basti Hope to see it launch up here in Portland soon!
Neil Sandhu@neilsandhu · Founder, MVP APP
@basti this is awesome. But I expect nothing less from you guys. And, once again, kudos for being an upfront and easily accessible CEO and engaging with your customers. Keep up the good work!
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This could be very useful for businesses (ours included) and a way for Postmates to lock-in existing customers and compete.
Bastian LehmannMaker@basti
@rrhoover I agree. We will launch a business subscription in a few weeks.
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
How do I get postmates in my non-super-tech city of Cincinnati? I want to be an advocate.
Kela@zabimaru_ichigo · Founder at Mailhaven
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
McBain@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
I can't wait for the business version, it's going to save us a ton of small trips at all of our campuses.
Dylan Hulser@dhulser · Biz Dev, Ad zerk, Prev: @reddit
I'm pretty sure I've paid more than $10 for an individual delivery before. This seems like a no brainer! Any cap on order size or anything?
Bastian LehmannMaker@basti
@dhulser There is no cap, just a $30 minimum. Order away.