Postmates Plus

The best merchants in your city delivered for $3.99.

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Hey all, April here from Postmates. Today we launched Postmates Plus, a stand alone product within the Postmates app, which features our merchant partners at a flat $3.99 delivery fee. You can find Plus on the tab bar on iOS or head to the $3.99 Postmates Plus list in the app. Let us know if you have any questions!
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@april_conyers I feel like Uber's different tiers and their associated naming make a lot of sense without having to dig into the meaning. I don't feel the same about Postmates 'Plus'. Can you explain the naming of this?
Let me know what you guys think, i'm stoked to announce this on Product Hunt and answer any questions.
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Nice move, guys. Lowering prices for users and shifting margins to the actual vendor that you're driving sales for. 👍
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Great idea! I just recommended Postmates to a friend who was visiting SF from out of town and staying in a shared corporate apartment. She loved it and said she would be recommending it to her colleagues.
This is awesome. Go Postmates!