Postmates 4.0

New app design with on-demand groceries

Postmates 4.0 brings an entirely redesigned look and feel, in addition to Postmates Fresh, our new on-demand grocery service available in select markets.

We rebuilt the product from the ground-up to bring a whole bunch of new features in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

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We're excited about the launch of Postmates 4.0 - ask us anything here.
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@basti When will you be in Hawaii?
@hthrjns Next week! On the 14th. ;)
This space is heating up with Amazon, Google, Instacart, Farmstead, etc. When does UberEATS expand to groceries?
@rrhoover Postmate’s SF service is run by Farmstead, I smell a buyout coming 🤔
Amazing update! Just started trying Postmates recently and eager to use this new interface 🙌
I love Postmates. I just wish it would be easier to order to make more of a routine.
Postmates is pretty convenient to use from a mobile design perspective, but the support and human customer experience is lacking. I've found that my orders often get cancelled (wut), usually after the estimated delivery time (hangry zone) and there's no easy way to talk to someone about it or report improvements. Twitter is an *okay* space for voicing my concerns, but very interesting to have to go on Twitter to try to figure out why my order got cancelled and why it happens so often / "nobody cares". Sorry if that might sound sort of jaded, just trying to convey the user sentiment here when I'm hungry and waiting! Additionally, with TaskRabbit getting eaten up by Ikea, I often envisioned Postmates to be not just a 'food' marketplace but a greater service marketplace. I feel like that would be an added value / dimension to an already mobilized workforce!
@raiza_abubakar fee exactly the same way. I can’t ever rely on Postmates, always an issuer always so painful to resolve
@raiza_abubakar I'm not sure why so many people have such bad experiences with Postmates' drivers/support. I've been using Postmates almost everyday for the past 2 years and I prefer it to its competitors 100%. I've only ever received the wrong order maybe 10 times total out of hundreds of orders, and each time I was able to report the issue in the app and I would soon get an email saying I was refunded. I fricking love Postmates, you can even order things besides food, like a cable you need from Best Buy, or an umbrella from Ralphs... the possibilities are endless. If someone from the Postmates team is reading this, you guys are doing a fantastic job so far, and I love the new subscription model where almost every one of my orders comes with free delivery. But please spend a little more time vetting your drivers, and maybe even give users the ability to rate the driver separate from the food. I think in a lot of situations, people end up giving the driver 5 stars because the food was good, or 1 star if the food was terrible, skewing the driver acceptance system.