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if there was an app for android I would definitely check it out.
@svenvd_zee Thank you for your support! The android version is actually coming out pretty soon & We'll be more than happy to let you know once it does.
@svenvd_zee we are finally available on android! check us out!
Why did you guys opt to go with a "ly" suffix name?
On a serious note, how is this different than facebook share? Other than having an ly suffix?
@mbalex99 We had thought of other names at first, like atlas and beacon, but they were too old school. We live in a time where fun and excitement are what's important in life. We felt the name of Postly represented that well.
@bsmartt13 @mbalex99 Our founders started Postly out of a frustration with broadcast Social Networks. There are no noisy and irrelevant news feeds on Postly. You send posts directly into threads, groups with your friends. Stories let you share your life in “mini-blog” fashion. It’s a much more relaxed way to share with close friends and family. It’s time we all stop sharing and having conversations up on stage in front of hundreds of “friends"
Reminds of Point or, dare I say it, Google+.
@chrismessina Postly is quite different than both of those networks. Google + had its circles which were hard to manage and cumbersome and Point is more link/article/articlequote specific and in a more public setting. On the other hand postly is more about sharing any content whether it be a link, post, picture, video, music, or location in a more discrete or private way.
@melscantuancer I was thinking of Google+ communities, rather than circles.
@chrismessina Interesting. The key differentiator on the Postly side would be the fact that threads and groups are completely private. Only those people who are a part of the thread or group know it exists and can share content to it. Even our stories feature remains private with only your invited friends having the ability to see your posts. Plus the posts are not force fed, you are notified that friend posted something "publicly", and you have the ability to decide whether you want to see it or not.
Same promise as Path.
@rayfranco Path just took Facebook with it’s newsfeed and said let’s make this smaller. Check out this awesome article - - Key passage. "Path believes that it can make performative, broadcast behavior intimate.” At Postly you send Posts directly into threads, groups where you and your friends can chat privately. Even our Stories feature doesn’t aggregate everyone’s Posts into an algorithmically sorted feed. Similar to Snapchat you can see who has updated their Story and choose to check in on them or not. For us it’s all about getting back to simple sharing with friends way from the noise and lack of context that comes with a central Newsfeed.
No connection to the former Posterous (
@therealchadhall Although I can understand how you came to that hypothesis, Postly is not affiliated to posterous. Thanks for asking.