Minimalist searchable wallpaper changer

Poster is a minimalist searchable wallpaper changer macOS app that lives on menu bar. It turns your desktop to be the source of inspiration by allowing you to search exactly what you want to see. Be prepared to kick off your awesome day!

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$17? Really?
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@stoweboyd Hey Stowe 👋🏻, yes, it's $16.99 actually. 😊
🙋🏻‍♂️ Hello Hunters, Few weeks ago I was bored by seeing the same thing on my macbook every time I turn it on. Yes, that same wallpaper and some cluttered files that I finally wiped that out. That morning I asked this questions, “What if I could see what’s currently inspiring me and its related things that might be beyond my expectation?”. Then I began to search some of well known wallpaper changer apps out there. What surprised me at that time was either it doesn’t have a search feature or it’s not simple enough to navigate. What I want was just — I wanna see what I wanna see, that I believe will empower me throughout my day and inspire me in some ways. And Poster is the answer of that question. I’ve been using it myself for few weeks and it’s been awesome! I changed my wallpaper every one or two days, depending on what’s the mood of that day or what just inspired me recently. So today I’m sharing it to the world, not to bother you with an app that does what some other apps have already done. Instead, to give a tool that helps to kick off the day in an awesome way and to inspire whenever it’s needed. I believe we deserve it every single time. AMA!
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@wilbertliu where do the images come from?
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@chrismessina Hey Chris, currently it’s from Unsplash. Thanks for asking! 🙂

16.99$ for unsplash wallpapers? No, Thanks.




Crazy price