Unofficial client for Instagram on MacOS.

Post to Instagram from your MacOS device. πŸ“·

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Totally fine with people making nice humble apps but does a simple Electron wrapper around a website you can visit in the browser really merit Product Hunt? Not trying to be a d*ck but anyone with a decent level of tech knowledge could create this app with two commands. npm install nativefier -g nativefier --name "Instagram" "" --icon "icon.png" I personally come on Product Hunt to see new innovative stuff. Wish you all the best though!
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@chrissy_collins Agree. As opposed to something like Ramme
@chrissy_collins Try to run the thing that you wrote and tell me if it's the same thing. Hint: It is not. ✌️ Thanks though!
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@kopahkah You can't post photos with Ramme. 😏
@lukamarr @chrissy_collins Well, I just changed default window size and also user agent in nativefier.json (located in the package of the application) and now they look quite similar and I can post photos too. But it might be I miss something.
@chrissy_collins you're kidding, right? PH is about 10 percent "wordpress blogs" presented as products...
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Hey boys and girls! πŸ‘‹ I was thiking of uploading a photo to Instagram from my Macbook, and I wanted a mobile experience that Instagram app gives me on a daily basis. This is the reason why I made this app. Simply download it, log in to Instagram via Facebook login or with your Instagram username and password and enjoy the mobile web Instagram experience. Post them photos! πŸ“· πŸŒ… 🐢 πŸ• Features: βœ… Upload photos (.jpg) βœ… Resize photo before posting βœ… Edit profile βœ… View feed, profile, likes βœ… Search users, tags, places ❌ Add filter ❌ Upload multiple photos as photo gallery post Tech: Electron wrapper around, made with nativefier.
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@lukamarr Do you think one day you could add DM'ing features :^)?
@childishgester This is basically a website with a electron wrapper, so it's actually up to Instagram if they upadate the mobile web ✌️
@childishgester @lukamarr Now there's something I'd want! That would be SUCH a big help!
@thalassavanbeek @childishgester It's really not up to me, but it would definitely be nice! 😊
Wow, I already did this last week when news of the Instagram change came out. Silly me, I should have made a download page for it and called it a product. :-)
@frassmith Why didn't you? Such a shame! I would definitely download it! πŸ˜₯
@lukamarr Truth is, I used, not nativefier so I got a much smaller app file and probably would have been breaching the Ts & Cs if I distributed it. I think. :-) If you can get your version to auto refresh, I'd probably switch.
$10 says fb/insta will shut this down pretty quickly ;)
@chuckreynolds It's just a wrapper for Instagram mobile web :)
Looks πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
@nivo0o0 Thanks a lot, Niv! ✌️❀️