Postepic 2.0

Capture quotes from books and turn them into images with OCR

Postepic is a free to download mobile app that allows its users to capture quotes from the books they read and turn them into images with a font and a background selection thanks to the use of OCR (text recognition) technology. Users can also discover new books by browsing +3000 posts posted by the community.

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Hello, Product Hunters! Thank you @bramk for hunting Postepic 2.0 and thanks to all of you for the feedback and great suggestions we received after the launch of version 1.0. It’s good to be back and show you what we’ve been working on lately. Why did we make Postepic app? We created Postepic because we were missing something simple that would help us to: • capture and collect all interesting quotes from the books we were reading in one place • discover new books by browsing quotes shared by others What’s new? The feedback we received was mainly about posts based on original photos of quotes from print books which did not always look presentable and could be hard to read. That is why we decided to remove adding posts based on original photos and replace them with customizable images. How does it work? • Take a photo with a quote from a paperback or a screenshot from your e-reading app • OCR turns it into editable text • You can highlight your favorite part of the quote • Choose from 16 fonts and 26 backgrounds (including photos from the Unsplash community) • All posts are squares with an adjustable font size to keep consistency and clean look to make sure that they look good when shared on any other social network • Public posts end up in Postepic feed and are now also searchable by content of the quotes themselves • They can be shared on other social networks while private posts are visible only to the user. Product Hunt collection We’ve prepared a collection of 600+ quotes from 100+ books hunted on Product Hunt. You can find them in the app by searching for ‘readlike producthunt’ tag. You can also preview a small excerpt of it here: I am here to answer all your questions and would love to hear what you think. Thanks! Lukasz
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Great idea for book discovery and creating sharable content easily, congrats to the team.
Looks interesting. I plan to search this when I need an inspiring quote.
@paul_s_kemp I'm glad you like it. You may find useful searching quotes content by keyword, which we've added in this version.
This is kinda cool, @konowy. Can we do the opposite as well: Take pictures, and easily apply our own quotes on them? Sidenote: The typography fonts that you offer are beautiful.
@nassaraf thanks for your feedback. In this version users are limited to the background pictures included in the app, however we are considering allowing users to upload pictures in the future releases.