Discover new books from a library of quotable passages 📚

This is cool. Upload quotable passages from books and discover new books from quotable passages. 🤓
Hi everyone! I’m Lukasz, one of the makers of Postepic. Thanks @nivo0o0 for hunting us! We created Postepic as a side project because we were missing something simple that could: - capture and collect in one place interesting quotes from the books we were reading (paperback books, Kindle, book reading apps) - discover new books by browsing quotes shared by others (posts can be saved as private or public, which makes them visible to all Postepic users) The app comes with our collection of +2,000 quotes, mainly from business books, including our selection of passages from books: - recommended by famous founders and CEOs - with many upvotes on Product Hunt You can find them by by searching for ‘readlike’ tag, eg. ‘readlike bill gates’, ‘readlike product hunt’. We have just launched a 'stage one’ of the app and your feedback would really help us out with further development. I am here to answer all your questions. Thanks for checking it out! Lukasz
@konowy @nivo0o0 Good luck man! I definitely have 50+ pictures on my phone of quotes I've read in books haha
Nice idea and concept. Just downloaded the app! I really like the approach of exploring new books by browsing quotes. After only 5 minutes in the app I discovered some new great inspirations!
@livematt glad you liked it. Enjoy! It's an early stage, so any suggestions for its development are welcome!
That product is brillant ! I wish I had that idea before you AAHA ;) - I constantly highlight bits of wisdom and now I can store & share - awesome !
thanks @steveraffner :) really appreciate it
I bet this would be popular for comic books/graphic novels as well!
@cfrascl thanks for the feedback! We received similar suggestions already :) We will think about adding this section and if it would require adjustments in uploading and presenting posts.