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Simple Instagram scheduler that publishes for you


Postedo is simple Instagram scheduling tool that saves user’s time by posting for them. Unlike similar products, we never store user’s password.

2 Reviews
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  • Ross CurrieFounder, Brutal TearDowns

    Great for lazy people


    Violates Instagram Terms of Use

    Instagram terms of use explicitly prohibit automating posting like this - it's why you can't find apps out there that allow you to schedule posts without providing your password.

    Over the last year Instagram have been taking an agressive stance against all forms of automation on their platform, and it's become clear that their discovery/newsfeed algorithms are now detecting behaviour like this and applying punitive measures (one example being the infamous 'shadowban')

    Ross Currie has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Post w/o the inconvenience of having to do it in prime hours or from a tiny screen.


    Requires downgrading authentication to remove two-factor.

    I would love to use this product but would not under its current constraints.

    mco has used this product for one day.