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So, what's new?
@j00st Hey thanks for checking this out. I'll go ahead and assume that what you're asking is : "What is this and what makes it even slightly different than everything else". Postcrumbs is a tool you can use to transform the piles of digital files currently sitting in your hard drive or a cloud storage service into presentable posts. Unlike in most popular options out there that focus mostly on short content (think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), here these posts may include any combination of images, video, audio, text and links in the form of widgets (all in one unified document). A widget can be anything from a single image or an animated slideshow to an embedded YouTube video or an mp3 player. Normally you'd need to either roll your own blog or use one of the many blogging platforms out there to create something like that. Postcrumbs can be a good option for those stuck between the limited publishing options offered by microbloging websites and the complexity of creating and maintaining an entire blog. Creating rich content was never easier and faster. For example, making an animated slideshow is only a matter of picking a bunch of pictures and selecting the slideshow option from a list of available widgets.
@ngeorgitso @j00st Interesting take on organizing the clutter. However imho, the USP isn't quite clear. Looking at the screenshots and your description, I can't paint the right picture on my head whether this is for Family Bloggers or Parents trying to organize their memories. Who's the audience and how does it make my life easier than it is already? Free or paid?
@techtosterone @j00st Postcrumbs is free and for the moment there are no monetization plans. This is after all just a side project, something I made in my spare time because people in my circle (mostly friends and family members) thought it would be useful to them. These people could be representative of my target audience, so I'd like to describe them a bit. Friend A manages a Facebook page, he thought it would be nice to be able to offer his followers more content, things that don't fit in a Facebook post. More pictures, more text. Something like a full blog post but without the blog part. A blog or a website would be too much for him at this stage. Friend B is an amateur photographer, she's been taking pictures for many years and most of them are all over the place. External hard drives, cloud storage services etc. She thought it would be nice to have a service to help her retrieve all these pictures from all these sources and shape them into something she can easily share. She would like to provide context through some text and maybe some links here and there. Pictures would have to look cool, slideshows, nicely structured galleries etc. She also has some videos uploaded to Vimeo, if they could fit in there along with the photos that would be awesome. Also, it would be great if that service was 100% free. Friend C is a video blogger. He makes his own videos and uploads them to YouTube. He thought it would be great if there was a place where he could present his videos along with more stuff. More text, pictures (mostly video screenshots), links etc. He also mentioned download links for documents (mostly pdf files). He usually uploads these to Dropbox and provides his followers with a link to download them. If these documents could fit in there with the video, that would be amazing. Some of these people are already using the website and you can see their posts in there if you like. All posts are public, so you can see everything. This is why I don't expect family bloggers and parents as you said to find this website particularly useful because I expect that these people would value privacy above everything else. You don't want your family pictures out there for everyone to see (IMO). Personally I believe most people will discover it's a lot easier to accomplish what was mentioned in the use cases above with Postcrumbs than with most other free available offerings. This probably got too long, so I'll stop right here, if you have more questions I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks for taking the time to check the website out and make a comment here.