Postcron 2015

The easiest way to schedule posts

#3 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2015

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2 Reviews5.0/5
It looks cool, how it's different from Buffer?
@malihsoufian Based on the prominent language dropdown and that most of their reviews on the Chrome Web Store are in Spanish or Portugese, it looks like they're simply in a different market. You don't have to be different from your competitors if you just take over a market they haven't yet :)
Postcron is the easiest way to get content and schedule posts on all my social networks. It has an awesome content gallery where I can find content to share in few seconds and also it lets me schedule hundred of posts at once with the bulk uploader tool. I love it!
We use it for our social publications on steampunkjunkies since more than a year. An awesome solution that does what it advertise.

the bulk uploader its a killing feature that allows you to schedule post from a .CSV file or google doc.


incredible easy and simple tool to keep my social networks updated


its only in English, Spanish, and Portuguese... I'll like to have German too

This looks like an interesting alternative to buffer (and potentially edgar). It seems more suited to teams and many more social accounts.