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Direct outreach to most relevant people from across the web. Contacts matched by AI for pitching new products, websites and content. Reach out to people willing to write about your product or content. Build awareness about your offerings.
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Hey, Find journalists, bloggers and webmasters covering your niche. We crawl and index billions of pages to find related outreach opportunities for your content on a web scale. Our contact matching works with amazing accuracy of finding relevant people due to Postbag's AI models. *Postbag's outreach UI has been specially designed to minimize the time required to send personalized emails. Reach out to people willing to write about your product or content. Direct contact via email with a touch of personalization with our service. Easily build awareness about your offerings with larger audiences through coverage by experts and influencers from within your specific niche. You enter a phrase best describing your niche, and our AI bot will search through our web index. It will find news publications, websites and blogs where journalists, bloggers and webmasters are already writing about products and services most similar to yours. In addition to finding online content where it would make sense to promote your products or services organically, our AI algorithms also find direct owners and their email addresses from various web sources. All presented to you as an interactive outreach list. You can send fully personalized email messages in a matter of seconds. Our email editor is integrated and easily invoked directly from within the interactive outreach list. Postbag template engine allows you to minimize time-to-send while preserving human touch. Thanks Everybody.
Not a new idea, but service with great potential. - Registration is not really fast - Menu are only icons, and I had no idea what each icon means. So need to click on each icon, and try to guess what is the feature.
@webpassion360 Thanks Jeremy for your comments and trying the service out. You gave me food for thought. We'll see how we can make icons more readable and speed up the registration process. Cheers for the suggestions!
@webpassion360 @sanjasari Registration > verification and again login is very slow process make this small and fast process
@webpassion360 @sanjasari Honestly speaking, please do not take personally. But if this product was not on PH, I would have already quit. There is no point in taking user out of registration flow to verify email. And then log out again after verification.
@sanjasari @sumitdatta Me too, but still a good product for many ways to improve it, and this registration flow can be fixed quickly (I guess). And please, try to remove in the signup flow this verification code, I never got this since years. Just make a clickable link with a token that we need to click to verify. About the product itself, that would be great to add the date of the article/page/blog page in the results, because many results redirect to page created years ago. So it's not so relevant to reach those website owners
@sumitdatta completely understand. This flow will be fixed. Please bear with us.
Good job! The signup flow is a bit convoluted. I'm all for sending a confirmation code, but would rather skip the intermediate login attempt before entering the confirmation code and a second login attempt after that. Would also be helpful if the menu icons would show/display tooltips when hovering over them, to better understand where each icon leads you/what they mean. Looks neat, and I can't wait to see the final outreach list 🌟
@konduct Hi Norah, you are right. Simplified signup UX and tooltips for the icons is something we'll fix next week. Thanks for using Postbag :)
@konduct @sanjasari Just to backup this point - I agree completely. The signup process really drained my good will tank.
Not a new idea, but the site looks and works great. love the focus.
@patbailey Thanks Pat. We really put a lot of effort into usability and the quality of outreach opportunity results and their matched contacts. This is the part of Postbag in particular where we focused our innovation on.
Really like the idea and UX. As a future tool, it would be value added to have some ready-made email templates πŸ™‚
@gaialiciabalossi Thanks Gaia. Good point. We'll look into bundling some templates if possible.