Free quality link building tool to help you get more traffic

Postaga is a free all-in-one tool to help you build quality links and get traffic to your website. In just a few minutes, you can: Find relevant outreach opportunities, get contacts and email addresses, and build and send personalized outreach email campaigns.
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Hey Hunters 👋 I’m Sam, maker of Postaga. Postaga is a free all-in-one tool to help you automate and streamline the otherwise-tedious link building outreach process to get more links and traffic to your website. If you’ve ever tried to manually build links, you know how incredibly time-intensive it can be. You have to: find relevant websites to reach out to; find contacts and email addresses for people at those websites; create personalized emails; and then email and follow-up. Postaga does all of that in just a few minutes. From finding outreach opportunities to getting contacts and sending emails, Postaga takes care of your entire outreach campaign from start to finish. With Postaga, you can start by building a particular outreach campaign type. Right now, we have: - Resources outreach - Get your post linked to in an authoritative resources blog post - Skyscraper - Get websites to switch their links from your competitors to your blog post - Link roundup outreach - Get your content added to a link roundup post - Mention outreach - Get shares and links from other websites you’ve linked to in your posts - Tools outreach - Get your product added to a list of helpful relevant tools - Review outreach - Get your product reviewed by blogs that are reviewing your competitors - Expertise outreach - Have other blogs and websites cite your expert opinion on a topic - Custom outreach - Build your own custom outreach campaign as you’d like Then, Postaga will help you build a list of websites to reach out to, and suggest recommended potential contacts. After that, Postaga finds the contacts’ email addresses. And if Postaga cannot find the exact right person, it will provide other suggestions for you with their contact information. Postaga then lets you create a personalized email sequence for your selected contact. (If you do not want to use Postaga to send your emails, you can always export your research and contacts data to a CSV to send your own emails) And because Postaga is enhanced with AI, you can easily personalize your emails for your outreach contacts instantly. You can even include snippets of your contacts’ blog posts in your personalized emails to further personalize your outreach. In as little as a few minutes, you can create and send a link building outreach campaign to get more links and traffic to your website.
@sam_brodie seems a great product, Sam! I will try it snd let you know in a couple of days. Cheers.
@luca_renga Thanks, looking forward to hearing your feedback!
@sam_brodie Congratulations on the launch. Pretty useful one for all content writers who need the extra boost. Also, I liked your on-boarding sequence. The way in which Postaga scanned the website and blog posts makes it even more appealing to me. Definitely got my positive vote and cheers :)
@sam_brodie i like the concept. how do you get around being spammy in the outreach?
@devaonbreaches Awesome, thanks! We're going to be using that functionality a lot more in the future to automatically suggest campaigns for you to run, so stay tuned!
I've been using Postaga for a couple weeks now, and I have to say it's one of the only tools I've used that actually delivers on these promises that seem so hard to acheive. The automation is designed to truly mimic manually sent emails and allows for highly leveraged, personalized emails specifically for the purpose of building backlinks. I've been fortunate enough to meet Andy (one fo the founders) and can attest to the quality of the founding group. Overall, I think this tool is worth a try if you're looking to scale your content promotion process.
@marcel_petitpas Hey Marcel, thanks so much for the kind words!
As someone who does a lot of outreach, this looks interesting. Quick question - where do you find these outreach opportunities? Is it from a database of websites you track? Or, it is pulled up in real-time from Google or another source? I'm just worried that as you scale users, the top websites get shown to everyone in the list and therefore they get so spammed, they stop responding. Hope I am making sense here.
@anand_sriniv Great question! For now they're being pulled in real time, mostly using some advanced Google queries. However, we're building up our own database as we go and eventually will show smarter results that take into account stuff like Domain Rating or even the reply rate and success rate of the opportunity :) Let me know if you have any other questions!
This looks really promising. One thing though: it looks like my campaign is a test campaign. How can I do a live campaign?
@amfraine Thanks! When you get started, our first campaign by default is a test campaign. This is to help you get acquainted with the platform, and also not inadvertently send out an email you didn’t mean to! After the first test campaign, all of Postaga is unlocked and you can run and send out as many live campaigns as you want.