Post to Google Photos

Upload any image online to Google Photos with a right click

A free and simple browser extension that lets you upload any photos and images you find on the Internet (ex. funny memes on Reddit, photos of you on Facebook) to a Google Photos account.
Just right click on the image and save to Google Photos!
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Brandon Wu
Other than using Google Photos for personal pictures, I also use it to share reference images/photos with others for projects I am working on. Almost like a private Pinterest board, but one I have more control over and can share with people without a Pinterest account. I thought it'd be cool if I can right click on photos / images I find online, and have it uploaded directly to my Google Photos account. My co-founder @mikeysee had already done something similar before (for Tumblr) so I asked him to build one - thought I'd share it here if anyone might find it useful! Looking forward to any feedback, thanks!