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#4 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2015
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Find ALL the content you need for social media in ONE place! Images, articles, status ideas (anything you need!) from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your favorite blogs.
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@kwdinc nice find Kevin!
Hey @kwdinc thanks for the Hunt and Upvote! Much appreciated man. Feel free to use coupon code P3HUNT for a couple of months free following this link:
@taylordcheng thanks for the upvote! Feel free to use coupon code P3HUNT for a couple of months free following this link:
thanks for the hunt, @kwdinc !! Big love from Post Planner! :D
Mixergy's been using it and it finally got action on our FB page and our Twitter followers grew.
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@andrewwarner thanks for sharing your experience with the app! So awesome you're seeing real results! :)
@andrewwarner Love the work you've done man! And glad our app and team have been able to help out! I see your posts all the time in my feed now!
@kwdinc Is it in anyway different or better than Buffer?
@ramgangisetty Haven't tried it yet . Also Check out .
Hi @ramgangisetty, Our friends at Buffer have built an amazing product for Scheduling posts. Post Planner focuses on social media marketers who struggle with finding (the right) content to post that will boost their engagement on Facebook & Twitter in a world of dwindling engagement. We've got a vast library of amazing content for Discovery and help you Schedule it 24/7. Our content scoring (star ratings) help you predict content's performance whether from our default sources or your own. Our default content has been proven to boost engagement in any niche and when you spend a little time to customize the app - Voila!. Everything is in one place and scored by our systems so you can get sustainable and predictable engagement on Facebook & Twitter. Feel free to use coupon code P3HUNT for a couple of months free following this link:
@ramgangisetty The main difference between Post Planner and Buffer is the content discovery. Post Planner helps you find proven content from any social or blog feed -- so you can be data-driven in your social media posting. Instead of guessing on what to post on your fan page or Twitter account, you can base your posting decisions on data -- ie. the past social performance of content. This is especially useful on Facebook, where the news feed algorithm is so mysterious and consequential. Hope that helps. :)
Interesting, but a bit vague. What does it do exactly?
@romanzadyrako Right?! Might be the best social media app ever, but it has the least informative website ever. And no trial subscription. So....
Hi @romanzadyrako, sorry you didn't find the listing or overview on our site informative. Post Planner helps social media marketers Discover amazing content, Schedule it 24/7, and Grow your audiences on Facebook & Twitter. We've found that a ton of social media marketers struggle with knowing what to post on social to increase engagement. We've built a vast library of content sources that are scored for performance on social so you can predict how they'll do before you share with your audiences. Our default content is proven to boost engagement in any niche. Our most successful users spend time to add their own content sources to Post Planner too so that everything's in one place and it's all scored for predictable performance. So in a nutshell, more engagement leads to more traffic which leads to more conversions. Send me a DM on Twitter if you have any other questions, or let me know here and I'll address them. Feel free to use coupon code P3HUNT for a couple of months free following this link:
Hey @kkdub, thanks for the feedback. You're right, at present we don't support free trials. We do have a free for life version of Post Planner - the Pro app - which is available by signing in at Feel free to use coupon code P3HUNT for a couple of months free of our premium Guru plan following this link:
@samhkpk Thanks SAM. Awesome. It kinda reminds me of, I know the founders if you want the intro.
@samhkpk Hi Sam! Thanks for your response. My apologies -- I didn't even see your free version, which is usually a fine alternative to a free trial. Thanks for the code. I'll try PostPlanner out this week.
Amazing product, and fantastic team that is very responsive! (Hi Aaron!)
@farhanarahman thank you so much for the kind words Farhana! you're amazing! :)
@farhanarahman Appreciate the kind words!
@scottayres @AskAaronLee Keep up the good work, boys!