A zen game with a story told without any dialogue

Imagine a room where a TV seems to be sitting on a table. But when you look at it from another angle, it appears to be floating in mid-air. Magic? No. Perspective? Yes.
Welcome to a world where your eyes deceive you every day.
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Hey, good people of PH! After pondering over this beautiful community for years, I can't express my happiness in launching my product here. It's a game I've been working on for almost three years with a lovely remote team. And we are proud to share that we are also a part of Apple Arcade launch catalogue! I'll be here answering questions to the best of my ability and can't wait to see what you guys feel about the game! :)
Looks real promising Chirag! Very intriguing game play and splendid graphics!
Was really looking forward to trying it out, but turns out it's not available for Android. Hope to see an Android version soon too!
Would love to see an android version
The aesthetics reminded me a bit of Vignettes, so I went to check out your other stuff. I was blown away by your work. I'm loving Stay, Mum and That Little Star. By the way, the Twitter link on the Possessions Game site linked here redirects to the wrong account :-)
@jkdncn Hey thanks for the heads up about the Twitter link and I am glad to know that you like our work! :)