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Social media can be a circle of negativity and quite frankly, we're fed up of seeing it. People have lost touch of what's good in their lives and that's why we've built Positiive. It's a social network that focuses on the joy in your life.
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Wow. Third app of the day! Thanks everyone! 😍😍😘
Sharing positive moments in your life is an awesome idea and a needed thing in life, but how will you attract a lot of users? It's another social network and I'm not sure if the feature of it being positive-only makes enough difference. Maybe it makes sense to integrate with any platform that does already have a big user base, what you think?
@ihor_levenets1 I'm happy to test the water and see. We've had continued growth since the launch of this on Thursday so it's too early to tell if it's just a flash in the pan. I might integrated with Twitter though, to allow cross-posting :)
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@gareth_thompson oh, Twitter integration seems to be not very complicated, but really needed. Good luck with that!
Reminded of the SAVERS practice except in a community :) one thing that I find challenging is accountability - on good days you do it but on bad days you don't. Also on bad days what is valuable is the struggle to find something positive..m how can you get people to bond over that?