Express yourself through motion!

Posemoji is a magical new way to express yourself with body and motion, using state of the art AI that transforms your movements into whimsical effects.
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Hey team! Excited to hunt Posemoji. There are 100 face filter apps, but now with Posemoji you can express yourself through full-body movement. Posemoji has all kinds of magical body filters and effects -- dance with fire in your hands, call down lightning from the skies, or turn your world upside down with filters and warps. It's like having a full VFX studio for movement in an app. Thanks for checking it out! Matt
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Thanks for hunting Matt! Hey PH Team, Super excited to finally be sharing Posemoji with this community. We have been working on spatial computing for a while and saw how AR is more fun and useful, the more we understand our environment. So we took our AR tech and combined it with some new AI/ML tech, and created Posemoji. As Matt said, there are 100's of face filter apps, but nothing for beyond that, until today. Express yourself through movement with Posemoji. We make is simple and fun to add filters and effects to your body and motion. This is just the beginning for Posemoji. We have an ambitious roadmap (yes we are working on an Android version!) and you will be seeing many more features and effects soon. Excited to hear your feedback on the app. Thanks for checking out Posemoji. Share your videos with #posemoji so we see all the awesome content you create.
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@dam00n Congrats on the launch! I'm excited to see an AR app with full body tracking!
@hellobrent Thanks Brent! Let me know if you have any feedback and looking forward to seeing what you create with Posemoji. Keep up the great work at SVRF.
Android version?!
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<3 <3 <3
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Love it! tons of potential and a cool take of the world of AR camera's. Am sure Mark is already looking into adding it into Messenger/insta/both. Kudos guys, looks awesome.
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