Keep correct posture while sitting

PoseAlert.com lets you define a correct posture and notifies you with a beep in case you are not holding that posture for 20 seconds.
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Hi All, as a developer sitting a lot of time in front of my computer, I often notice, that I'm sitting in an incorrect position for a long time. I'm trying to make a small webapp, which corrects me in these cases. I'm currently playing around with different detectioned modes, but the first one is ready to be tried! Let me know what you think
A guideline to good posture would help, as calibration could be done for any posture, and then the unintended effect could be reinforcing the user into bad posture calibrated as good.
@alexandra_florea1 good point, I'll try to add a guideline!
@styuart_park Thank you! let me know if you have some ideas for making it better and I'll try to add them
Interesting idea! Not a big fan of beeps and alerts, though. Does it require you to have a browser window open AND in focus? Sadly, it crashed my Google Chrome twice, after hitting Calibrate. (32 GB RAM and an HD Logitech webcam. Yes, I had about 80 tabs open at the time, which is like a regular Tuesday on my computer)
@matiasbaldanza Nope, it doesn't require focus, having it open in the background is enough. About the crashing: did it load posenet without issues? I deliberately run pose detection only every two seconds to make it less CPU hungry. I'll try to play around with it in Chrome to see if I can reproduce (with having at least 80 tabs open :) )