Create customer-facing apps from your database without code

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 05, 2019
Unlock the customer data you have in your database with an instant beautiful authenticated portal that allow your customers access to only their data.
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I built this after I realised I was creating the same portal again and again with code. We just support SQL databases for now, but I'd love to know if there are any other data sources you'd like to use!
Great idea! Do you have a whitepaper or any technical guides that outline how Portify will guarantee users can only see their data? Security is my biggest concern when adopting a product like this.
@chase_wackerfuss That's a great idea. Right now we don't have any guides, but that's definitely in the pipeline. What you are able to do right now is view the portal from the perspective of different users so you can make sure that you've set it up correctly.
Hey @jacob_rezi – yes, great spot. This runs on the same technology as Airportal: our no-code app platform, called Stacker. But where that is specifically tailored to Airtable, we've built this for SQL databases. Our long-term plan is to eventually merge these two product into an offering that work for both of these use cases, but that's a little way in the future!
@jacob_rezi @michael_skelly hi, I m more interested about Stacker , any place I can find out more about it ?
Cool, it looks useful for freelancers
@thiago_sardim Great to hear, Thiago I, I hope you find a good usecase for it!
I love tools like Portify. I have wasted so much time building yet another crud app with Django, React, etc. when something like this would have saved me all that time. I started using Retool last week for our internal admin dashboards and this looks like the perfect complementary product to use alongside retool
@kpourdeilami Thanks for the kind words! I hope you find it useful!