Porterhouse automates individualized mass iMessage and SMS messaging from your own phone number, right on your computer.
Each message is sent individually to each recipient to personalize your text based marketing.
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Most mass text messaging apps send via SMS/Twilio and not iMessage. Slick, @cecil_worsley_iv.
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@rrhoover I'm happy you like it! That's for the support!
Porterhouse came out of a friend, who is a fitness trainer who has 50 customers who he messages each morning with a personalized workout routine. Many of them get the same message but it took him an 1.5 hours each morning to just send the routines. I built Porterhouse to automate this process and keep the personalization that his customers require.
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@cecil_worsley_iv hey Cecil, have been trying to get in touch with you for our business cake y’all and would love to connect . Sam(at)cakeyall.com !
stuck on this screen https://yadi.sk/i/TSvIVLnL3BKMHQ because of https://yadi.sk/i/shHat_6Yoi7TIg Why you need to test real SMS sending? I am going to use your software ONLY because it send iMessage instead of SMS.
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i do i **really** know that you are not keeping contact data ? Congrats on building and launching :)
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@francoolaami I know all you have is my word, but it's true. I don't keep any of it. If you were to login on another computer without logging into iCloud then nothing would work. The contacts wouldn't be found because I only save contact ID from apple that doesn't contain identifying information.
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Super cool app. Is there any way to send messages to contacts who have imessage only and avoid sending sms?
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@istereotype it would certainly be possible. I could label contacts with SMS or iMessage. Can I ask why exactly? Or do you hate the green bubbles that much 😂