A bot that gives you WiFi info for airports you travel to

Porter is a messenger bot that gives you WiFi info for airports you travel to

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Hey there Product Hunt! I’m Braxton Huff, I am 18 and the creator of Porter. After traveling often and having to find wifi networks and passwords to avoid going over data limits, I decided to build a bot that could do that work for people all over the world. Enter Porter, a Facebook Messenger bot that gives you all the wifi information at airports it knows just by typing the airport code. I chose a bot due to the number of users on Facebook messenger as well as the convenience for users who don't want to dig through a list of names or codes just to get a small piece of valuable information. All you have to do is type the airport code for the airport you're going to be at and Porter does the rest. This is great for when you're offline because you can get the information beforehand rather than not having that ability at all. Thank you for hunting Porter. Let me know what I can do to make your experience better! P.S. I’m in school today, but I’ll try to answer questions as best I can.
just FYI, Jetblue has a trademark on the name Flyfi which is what they call their free internet. May be something to look out for. Don't get sued lol - I honestly actually assumed this was a Jetblue product
@mathewpregasen that could be problematic. I will be changing this immediately. Thanks for the heads up!
@3raxton absolutely. great product otherwise!!
@mathewpregasen thank you, I am pleased to hear you like it! I'm currently lacking ideas for names that aren't taken so if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to mention them!
Great idea, and nice to see another young Maker getting stuf done!
@coreywstone I'm glad to hear you like it. Hopefully it comes in handy for you!
Super cool concept but the intro is wayyyyy too long. 7 interactions before being able to even test it should be reduced to 1 or 2 max
@benkimotwichell noted. I will take care of this as soon as possible!
@benkimotwichell it has now been reduced to two. Thank you for the tip!
@3raxton Wow you're quick - nice! I'll be a power user on this for sure, super helpful :) Shared in the mangrove.io community
Hey :) Congrats with your launch! 1. How does it work with security? 2. Will it notify about stuff like "you have only 30free min, then you need to pay"?
@lisadziuba Thanks Lisa! 1. Flyfi only provides usernames as well as passwords for wifi networks. It does not incorporate security, only provides information. 2. Flyfi does this exactly! Upon entering an airport code that has such information, Flyfi comes back with time durations or any further restrictions it may have.