PortClip - Smart Clipboard

Most Bad Ass Smart clipboard manager making copying magical

PortClip is the most bad ass cloud clipboard manager. It saves everything you copy from anywhere in the phone automatically. It is real time, so no refresh is required. It understands contextually what you copy and gives suggestion to open a link, call a number etc. Available in multiple formats - Android, web app & chrome extension. Try it now!!

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Hi everyone, PortClip was born out of how frustrating I found transferring text between devices was. It was completely developed & designed by me. I am a developer based out in India. I had been working on this as my side projects for the last couple of months and today I am very happy to showcase it out to you. All throughout the development phase, I had tried adding features which I thought will be useful in my day to day activities. Hopefully, you will also find it useful. I have also tried to keep the interfaces and flow as simple and unintrusive as possible. All feedback/suggestions are welcome. Ask away any questions you have here or just drop me a line at https://twitter.com/ksnirm . I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. This has been my dream for months now and it is a reality now. Please try it out and if you find it worthy do spread the news :) #copyingmademagical Nirmal
Perfect clipboard manager doesn't exis.... Woah! An all in one clipboard manager for Android with lots and lots of features. Suggestion: how about a floating window with the recent clips or so which can be invoked only when needed?..
@irshadshalu Thanks irshad. Good suggestion. Meanwhile we have sticky notification with list of recent copied items
I was trying to find something like this for a long time. Great application