A tiny editor portal inside your browser

Portal is a Chrome extension that provides a real-time connection with your editor for faster CSS edits. Stay in your browser and instantly see what your CSS changes are doing. Select elements visually and Portal will find all the relevant CSS in your editor.
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Hi Everyone! I'm the maker of Portal, it's a smaller simpler version of Devsync, the product we launched a couple of months ago. The main difference between the two is that instead of a visual editor Portal provides a small code editor that syncs with your browser. Some other big changes: Portal uses a different, more fault-tolerant CSS tracing system, Portal is quicker to toggle and connect and Portal is compatible with a lot more development setups, pretty much any. If you have any questions, let me know! p.s. 🤑 Use the discount code HUNTER to get an additional $5 discount off the launch price 🤑
Congrats with your launch, one thing I would suggest is, consider adding this (in your description) from your GumRoad page "An extension to speed up your CSS workflow, make quick and fine adjustments with realtime feedback." Since I did not know about your first launch, I did not get the purpose of the tool the first time. Your p!oduct looks great, will try soon!
@kambanthemaker I've added it to the description, thanks for the suggestion Kamban!
@kambanthemaker Also on the gumroad page (or the website itself), I don't really understand what I'm buying. What do I get? A chrome extension? Or a js file that I should embed in my page?
@kambanthemaker @smeijer you get a license key for the product. Though tbh, I am unsure what exactly that gets you, as I cannot find a place in either the chrome extension nor the VS Code extension to put it.
Just tried the demo. Super easy to activate but then what - nothing. I had to scroll down three screens to find the answer (alt click)
@brian_teeman agreed that sucks, it now auto-scrolls to the shortcuts section when activating the demo.
Your website says $13.99 but when you follow the link to gumroad it says $17
The docs link in the footer of the website is wrong, it currently goes to: https://docs.devsync.com/portal When it should point to https://docs.devsync.co/portal Also, I couldn't find where to put the voucher code...
@colin_smith_ezchile_ thanks! I've fixed the docs link and refunded everyone that purchased the extension $5, you should have gotten an email!