Create portable encrypted documents on your Mac

Use PortaCrypt to create, view, and modify your encrypted documents using the native app on macOS. Securely access your data on any browser and platform. No additional software installation needed.
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👋 Hey Product Hunters! After many months of hard work, I'm very excited to introduce PortaCrypt for macOS :-) PortaCrypt is the successor of a small tool I coded for myself a couple of years ago. I used it to make my important data easily accessible during my travels. By hosting the documents on my web server, I ensured that I still can access them even when my phone has been stolen. PortaCrypt stores your private data in encrypted documents. Those documents are completely self-contained HTML files. Your password and a browser are all you need to access your data. ⭐️ Features: • Native macOS App for creating, modifying, and viewing your protected documents. • View your documents in a browser using the embedded document viewer. • Document viewer supports Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and other ES5 compatible browsers. • Small document size. The document viewer adds only about 40 KB (15 KB gzipped) to your data. • Documents are self-contained HTML files. Share them easily via email, messages, USB drive, or host them on a web server. • Choose between different templates for your data (e.g. password, login, email, and others). • Your document is sealed with strong AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 key derivation. • Integrated strong password generator. • PortaCrypt is sandboxed and does not have any network access. • Dark mode support. I would love to hear your feedback about my app. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.