Measure and share your company's community impact.

Porpoise is a platform for employee engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility platform. For companies that are doing well, by doing good!

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greg isenberg
I bring people together
This is awesome. Congrats! cc @benrbn
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Basil FarrajCTO & Founder @ Freesist.com
Cool! Gonna try that :)
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Denis Daigle
CTO @ porpoise.com
Thanks for adding us Izzy! Building a start up with a social purpose is absolutely doable and we're constantly amazed by the great companies we are discovering!
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Izzy Piyale-Sheard
Founder - Unlock China
Saw these guys pitch at #startupfest in Montreal this week! Looking forward to see where things go. It's an app to recognize, measure, and share your company's community impact. Spend less time managing your impact and giving programs, and more time accelerating their impact! Cool concept! Would love to hear more about the mission and story from the founders!
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