Popup Lighting Deer Head

An elegent light fixture illuminating the shape of a deer

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Reminiscent of childhood yet classy (and expensive):
@rrhoover Thanks to you guys we'll try to offer a DIY kit that will cost around 75$. Thanks for sharing the project. You can mention me as the Maker :)
My mind is telling me no, my bank account is telling me "hell no." BUT I WANT. The design is beautiful, and so is the website. But this button is horrible, and the price is probably out of reach for most people:
@stttories Button was switched. Thanks for the heads up and hopefully it will make the difference... :)
I lost all excitement as soon as I saw the price.
@saijo_george yeah... someone needs to make a DIY kit.
@saijo_george @thomasmeagher We took this note seriously! We'll see what can be done. Tnx!
I think their copy on the landing page referencing "pop-up books" sets expectations for a DIY-level price. Better to show a close-up of the light featuring its craftsmanship would do better to guide our pricing expectations. I still want it.
@richardpenner you are one of the reasons we have created it as a DIY and in cardboard. Now offered at 50$. TNX for the inspiration.
Definitely need this! <3