Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules

Premium CBD capsules made from domestically-grown hemp CBD.

30-capsule bottle includes 750 mg of cannabidiol with only two active ingredients: non-GMO full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil. Retails for $109. Populum also offers a monthly subscription at a discounted price.
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$109 a bottle for 30 capsules seems ridiculously expensive. Both ingredients, MCT Oil and CBD Oil are available at much cheaper prices when bought in bulk. Other than the two ingredients, it doesn't appear that anything proprietary is added to the ingredients or product. I could be wrong, but interested to hear what the reasoning behind the pricing is. What is to stop a customer from purchasing these two ingredients and capsuling it themselves?
@aaroniclee There's a variety of factors that go into our pricing decision, but the key element is in our sourcing and formulation process. We work with 100% US grown hemp (Colorado), only use full-spectrum extracts (which are superior to a lot of the isolate products on the market - check out our cannabinoid profile in our lab report), and conduct multiple in-house and third party lab tests to ensure the quality of the extract. Please check out our lab results here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/... (refer to QR code for full results) We're also dedicated in offering an amazing customer experience. Populum was started with the goal to reframe the way people perceive hemp/CBD, and offering a great shopping experience, especially for first-time CBD users, is a key part. We're developing a top talent customer service team in Omaha, while owning our own in-house fulfillment capabilities, which allows us to take extra care in packaging and quicker processing. In all, our mission has always been to make a trustworthy product that customers would enjoy taking everyday.
Populum launched their new CBD capsule line today. Simple, two active ingredients: non-GMO full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil. Through education, transparency, and accessibility, Populum is working to defeat the wrongful stigma attached to hemp. Many consumers are trying CBD for the first time, and the Populum brand helps those newcomers feel secure in the quality of product and the benefits that hemp can offer them. Disclaimer: I am an advisor to Populum.
@daehee what is the stigma do you think? I am not aware of it
@daehee @_jacksmith The biggest stigma we ran into when learning about the hemp industry was the misconception that it's the same thing as marijuana. When you look at its history, hemp was (wrongfully) grouped with marijuana since the early 20th century and essentially has been prohibited for ~80 yrs*. Only recently, since 2014, did hemp get re-recognized as a potential agricultural crop, but it's still largely confused with its psychoactive cousin**. To this day, one of the most common questions we get is - "will this get me high?". So through education, transparency in our packaging and lab testing, and great customer service, we're working to bridge the gap for those who might have lingering skepticism and misconceptions about using hemp as a supplement. * You can learn more about how hemp was viewed in the early 1900s here - https://www.popularmechanics.com.... Unfortunately, after this article came out in 1938, hemp essentially disappeared for the latter half of 20th century. ** I have nothing against medical/recreational marijuana and THC. I am just a firm believer that hemp and marijuana should be categorized and treated differently.
@gunhee_park what do you suggest someone start with, to test out: the caps or the oil? I'm wary to try at $100+ as I bought CBD capsules before and didn't notice any effect at all after using them all. when it says "The Original 30 Day Risk-Free Trial for CBD oil", does that mean that if I buy it and don't feel any effect, I can return the item?
@_jacksmith If this is your first time, I'd recommend going with the oil (tincture), as it's best to first figure out what dosage (mg) of CBD works best for you. You'll be able to better experiment with the tincture by gradually increasing/decreasing how much you take. For our tinctures, we have a concentration range from 250mg to 1000mg, and you can break up your daily serving size essentially however you want. (e.g. 1 full serving of the 250mg bottle is ~8mg of CBD, whereas 1 full serving of 1000mg bottle is ~33mg. But you can obviously break it up even further by doing half a serving, etc). The Capsules are ~25mg per capsule - so pretty strong in concentration - while also harder to incrementally change your dosing. We find this capsules to be more helpful for our long-time subscribers who are consistent with how much they take. It's also more convenient for those who travel a lot. Overall, all our products come with the 30 day risk free trial - so to answer your question, yes, if you decide it does not work for you, we definitely work with you to get a full refund!