A growing directory of over 400 popular and effective interview questions to help you conduct better interviews and hire the right person.
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Hey Everyone! Here at HireFunnel.io we are happy and excited to present a free product that we recently built. It is an extensive easy-to-navigate directory of job interview questions aimed at helping employers to build the right picture of their candidates and hire the right people faster. It also serves as a great resource for job seekers, with over 300 popular interview questions for a range of different roles, you are very likely to face these questions at your interview in one form or another. 🚀Let us know if you have cool interview questions that you’d like to share on there. 🚀Give us suggestions of another role we should add. Looking forward to your comments and feedback! ☺️🙏
Mike Dane
PR Manager
Are the questions categorized on the basis of position ?
Artem Galenko
Product Marketing Manager
great! app looks exciting! thanks
@unrealartemg Thanks Artem! 👍
Hey Mike! Yes, you can filter by the role and how experienced the candidates will be.