Popsters 2.0

The world's first analytics tool for TikTok

#2 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2019
Popsters is able to analyze any public pages in 12 social networks even you are not an administrator.
Check competitors, see activity charts, export reports and learn how to make your posts better and more effective.
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If the crazy growth of TikTok is any indicator, Popsters is going to be an invaluable tool. It allows you to Analyze any TikTok page (and 11 other social media sites) absolutely for free. Get insights about activity, audience preferences and compare stats with other pages.
How is this the world's first analytics tool for TikTok? I googled "TikTok Analytics Tool" and found about a dozen others...
@kraftykyle Hi Kyle! Thank you for the question. Let's check them. Can you show me examples?
@kraftykyle Thank you, I checked the new results of the search. I've found a few tools: TikBird - the domain was created October, 19 TikAnalytics - was created October, 19 Pentos - September, 19 CloutMeter - Jan, 19 but it was only Instagram analytics tool until September (example - https://steemhunt.com/@mehdicryp...) As you can notice, all of them were published since September. Popsters added ability to analyze Tiktok at July 19 (https://facebook.com/37665758584...)
@kraftykyle @mehdicrypto @ostyre Thanks for quoting us here, but as far as i can remenber your tiktok analytics wasn't working in october nor september :) and you are missing https://vidnice.com/popular-hash... which is the real first one :p
@kraftykyle @mehdicrypto @tibozaurus Vidnice isn't an analytics tool. It's a web viewer for TikTok without statistic or analyzes features It was working since July 18, you can check screenshots and check mentions of Popsters. We've published announce it on Facebook, VK and our users can prove it
Hi Product Hunt! I'm glad to be here and I want to introduce you to Popsters. I like Product Hunt and some great useful products I use were found there. I hope Popsters can be the same useful for you 🤗 It's simple to use tool to get some insights about the content of the page: - What posts are more popular - What type of content are more effective for the audience - What time is more active - Which text length is more preferable - Which subjects are more popular - and many other useful features like exporting to PPTX, competitors analysis, favorite posts, etc. TikTok analysis is an experimental feature and we'll improve it as it will possible. I hope the social network will expand the Developer's support to make the tool more effective and transparent for the users. Anyway, we have insights that TikTok has a great activity level and the ability to analyze it is necessary for cool content creating. We have done research of social networks users activity and TikTok demonstrated extreme Engagement Rate (the metric for measuring activity level) - 10-30% vs 2-3% for other socials. The full research is available here - https://popsters.com/blog/post/s... I'll be glad to get feedback about the tool and answer your questions! Any support is welcome! 🤠
Have used their services before, running analysis across 12 platforms at the same time is very handy. Let’s see how accurate their TikTok statistics is 🧐
@antonsalyukov Thank you, Anton! I hope you'll continue use the tool! You can be sure, the TikTok analysis is on the same level 😎
The tool looks great! Engagement rates are indeed very high on TikTok even comparing to Instagram (have just checked them both on your platform). I wonder if you have any data about when TikTok audience is the most active. Do you?
@dmitriy_dubovik thank you for the feedback 😊! We surely can say that the TikTok audience is more active on Thursday and weekends. Unfortunately, data about activity by hours isn't enough to present some stats but I think it correlates with average social networks activity - morning hours and in the middle of the day
@ostyre thank you, that's what I expected!