A beautifully simple messaging app for Twitter

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Worth an upvote just for the friend invite message. :D
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@dan_e_gray Hehehe. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜
@isiyfa @dan_e_gray Some more serious feedback, having given it a spin: You need the other person to have installed Popsicle to be able to chat with them. Does this really need to be the case? Can't Popsicle reach people with a DM and begin a conversation there whether or not they have the app? (you can always just make the first message say 'sent with @Popsiclehq). Inviting someone onto Popsicle uses a public message, rather than a DM or @ reply. I get that you want people to be visibly sharing the app, but as an early adopter I am not going to flood my feed with these tweets as I try to get my network on board. Making it a straight @ reply would be a lot more appealing - if not a DM that starts the conversation anyway.
@dan_e_gray Hmmm, you have a very good point here. Thank you for the honest feedback and we will seriously consider making the invites more private. โ˜บ๏ธ
@dan_e_gray Yeah, to be honest we have had quite a bit of debate about that (private vs spaminess). In the end of the day it all came about to our current marketing budget being essentially good for about two espressos so we gave in to the dark side. I believe the way we were going to go was keep the invites public for a while until the app gets some (any!) traction and then switch to private ones. I do love the DM-as-first-chat-message idea, although I suspect there might be some awkwardness when it comes to groups chats and future media attachments Twitter's DM doesn't support. Will certainly look into it though!
I've had the pleasure to meet the men behind this beautiful app: @kupeplex and @isiyfa Popsicle is amazing at creating a chat network of your Twitter friends and followers! "Imagine Twitter had an app that was called DM" that was a quote from @jason about a year ago. Well, the wait is over. This app is here and it's better than Twitter could have executed it themselves. If you are all Twitter addicts, which I assume because you all signed up to ProductHunt with Twitter^^, I can only encourage you to give this a try and see for yourself.
@mfts0 Thank you for posting Popsicle Marc! I hope you will love it as much as I do.
Totally agree with @dan_e_gray Though your invite message is very nice ;)
@ricardofayet Hehehe ๐Ÿ‘ป
what makes this better than Twitter's internal messaging system? what extra features does Popsicle have?
@ak310i We're not at that level yet, not even close! But soon with a few updates we hopefully will. What makes Popsicle "better" is that it lays the foundation and gives us the freedom to build a Twitter messenger as we envisioned it. We want to explore and implement features we wish Twitter had such as hassle-free money transfer (e.g. getting a refund from a brand immediately with just a message - imagine sending a picture of your receipt to the supermarket for out of date yoghurt and immediately getting a refund without going back in store, paying the rent without having to bother with bank accounts, just a @handle will be all you need). Another option we want to implement sometime soon is the file-sharing. We feel file-sharing shouldn't need to be upload to dropbox/box/etc-wait-generate link-send link-wait to download. Video calls are another path we want to explore. Last year I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get my dad to download Skype and explain to him how to use it, something that shouldn't have to happen. A plug-and-play solution for our little every day problems is how I envision Popsicle. (with the blessing of Twitter of course) P.S. Forgot to mention Read Receipts :)
@ak310i Personally, right now I'd say the fact that it is a dedicated client that tosses you immediately into your chats screen the moment you open it.
@ak310i this should be the most upvoted comment
@isiyfa - thanks for sharing your vision. it's bold & i like that! I think customer svc issues are a huge pain point & the example you gave really resonates. looking fwd to your evolution to solve those woes!
@ak310i My pleasure!