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Cool idea, seems like a fun take on pomodoro
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Thanks @yougeekybastard for the hunt! My awesome teammates and I thought it’d be fun to shake up the classic pomodoro technique as well as provide a mechanism for managing phone addiction. The goal of the app is to make your productivity coach (aka ‘Pops’) proud. You make him proud by focusing on work that doesn’t require your phone for blocks of 25 minutes. In between each block, Pops notifies you to take a 5 minute break. As long as you don’t touch your phone when you shouldn’t, Pops gives you “props”. Your goal is to collect as many of Pops’ “props” as possible. If Pops isn’t strict enough for you (or if he’s TOO strict), other coaches are also available to make sure you are always being your most productive self. Each coach has their own way of handling things and will offer you a different experience. If anyone has feedback we’d love to hear from you at makepopsproud@gmail.com!
@rrozenv @yougeekybastard @gmail Very cool! Always looking for a new take on Pomodoro techniques. This concept is fresh.
@rrozenv @yougeekybastard @gmail Great idea! Is there any Android version coming?
@eveningkid Thanks for your support! We are still working on pushing the iOS functionality a bit further before we move onto Android.
Love this! Great execution.
Great idea. Any plans to make a web version?
@notthatchirag Thank you! Yes, a web version is a great idea and is likely to be the next platform we build for.