Popily 2.0

Totally automatic charts (now for b2c)

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Popily 2.0 looks like the magic charting tool for non-so-visual thinkers. Effortlessly flipping through chart types and axes and inputs? Might be magic.
looks like something students or non excel types might love...you should do a video showing an import of basic survey data that creates awesome visuals
@passingnotes I like the idea of using it for survey data - thanks for the idea
@samir_doshi @passingnotes Popily works great with survey data!
@chrisalbon would be awesome with a chrome goog apps extension - then survey could be input via goog sheet capture with one click reports via popily
@passingnotes That sounds like a great idea. I'm adding it to our feature roadmap. Thanks!
Thanks all! We built Popily because people were looking for a tool to find interesting stories in their data through exploration, not wasting time constructing individual charts. Drop in data, find useful stories, have more time to actually turn those stories into actions
Popily's really awesome. I love that I can upload a spreadsheet and not have to build the charts - they do it automatically.
I'm really impressed by the simplicity and Popily's ability to analyze the data and make connections/insights that I might not have even considered. Awesome product!