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Wooohoo! How exciting, thank you for the add Stuart!! We can't wait to share Popily with the rest of the world -- Chris, Jonathon, and I built this tool for regular people to get insights from data quickly, without having to be an expert. To help others know a little more about the great big unknowns and to provide some small comfort around those hundreds of decisions we make daily. Just simply putting data in the hands of people isn't enough - we need to lower the barriers of access to information for all -- through our work together the three of us realized the power of visually discovering insights quickly without needing to code. Data along with a platform that fosters dialogue, communication and decisions -- this is our vision. Data democratization FTW!!! Traveling the world together for our work on crisis data, in the back of cabs in Nairobi, it dawned on us -- our mission is to put the power of discovery in the hands of people through visuals, to lower the barriers of access to information around the world. And so today we also announced our partnership with the United Nations to explore more than 7.6M people's data: http://blog.myworld2015.org/2015... This ride keeps getting more insane, so stoked to have Product Hunt and you, Stuart, as a part of our adventures!
Popily is made be the hosts of the Partially Derivative podcast. There is a massive market for products/services such as this. It appears companies can use it now but individuals have to wait. Maybe @jonathonmorgan or @chrisalbon can comment further.
So easy to use! Really nice not to have to build my own charts to get meaning out of a bunch of spreadsheets.